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Thursday, 02 Oct 2014

Fourth International Harambee Award “Conveying Africa”.

The award ceremony for the winners of the Fourth International Harambee Award “Conveying Africa” , a competition for TV documentaries and video clips by students that communicate a positive view about African culture and challenge the silence and stereotypes, was held on November 12th in the Protomoteca Hall at the Campidoglio in Rome.

The event was followed by a round table entitled “Art and Culture in Africa Today”.
“We have a communication award about Africa,” Giovanni  Mottini, president of Harambee Africa International, explains,  “because we are convinced that communication is becoming increasingly more important and because we don’t believe Africa is given enough justice in the news. The bad news is always covered, but the good news is hardly ever mentioned”.  Africans, says Mottini, are often portrayed in the media as “extras” in catastrophic tragedies rather than the protagonists of human ventures.
“We cannot help those in need unless we know about their daily lives, unless we have experienced something alongside them. That is why it is so important that, here in the Western world, to receive news of the small, yet great, daily adventures and not just unearthing facts that are often negative. With time and a hopeful smile, these stories of the ordinary heroism of African men and women can change the image of their continent” .  This is why, Mottini says, “we support a communication award about Africa, to make people more sensitive to how the actualities of the African continent are presented, with special attention to all that is positive and promising and to the accomplishments of each and every person”.
The debate, moderated by RAI journalist Sonia D’Ottavio, was stimulated up by Prof. Martin Nkafu Nkemnkia, who emphasized how opportunities for dialogue are lacking. “We need opportunities for discussion and expression. Cultural sharing can only come about if Africans have the opportunities to tell us about themselves”, says Ugo Tramballi, representative of Sole 24 Ore, who shared bits and pieces of his own personal experiences through his many years of work in different African countries, emphasizing the enormous gap between merit-worthy African people and the mediocre governing class. The journalist also pointed out the importance of considering Africa as a partner and an ally, and not just a continent destined to simple paternal assistance.

The discussion ended with Mons.  Fortunatus Nwachukwu (Head of Protocol at the Vatican Secretariat of State), “How can we really show Africa how much we care? By not dramatizing what happens there”, explains Monsignor Nwachukwu . “Africa is not dying! We, the people of Africa, must take responsibility [for what is going on there], with the conviction that nothing can be resolved by continuing to blame our problems on others. It’s time we look to the future”, remembering that all Africans really need is true and sincere friendship.
Giuliano Fròsimi , Director of European Relations and Public Affairs for Lottomatica, the company that has sponsored Harambee Africa International since its inception, also spoke at the award ceremony. The director spoke of their consolidated collaboration and how deeply the company shares Harambee’s missions and objectives.
The winners then received their awards- Stefano Belardini, 1st prize for audiovisual documentaries (“YEL KABEYE, donne e futuro a Ouagadougou (women and future in Ouagadougou)”, produced by the Rai-Focsiv Social Secretary); Marymount International School of Rome for videoclips (“INSIGHT INTO GHANA: Living the Colors of Africa” by Federico Carnovale and Ivo Poklepovic and “AFRICA - BEYOND THE SILENCE” by Perla Perlini, Nathanel Dejene and Giorgio Fabio De Giuseppe) and the Pan African University in Nigeria (“The Music of Africa”, “My Africa”, “Africa in me”, “Africa: The Other Side”).

The prizes (5,000.00 euros, 1,500.00 euros and 1,000.00 euros) were offered by CGN-CAF and the Happy Child Foundation.

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