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Wednesday, 10 Feb 2016

After School Training Project in Parakou

  • Promoter: Envol Afrique
  • Recipients: 100 young people between 8 and 15 years
  • Harambee contribution: 13.704,30 euro


The project arises from an initiative of Don Romain Atekou a Beninese parish Priest in Fiesole, near Florence. Don Romain founded Envol Afrique, a local organization that helps young students of a suburb of Parakou attend an after-school facility to improve the academic performance of youth and prevent the phenomena of crime and labor exploitation of young people. The project will offer 100 young people between 8 and 15 years to participate in after-school learning by providing didactic equipment and salary support for the teachers. The after-school service will be offered throughout the school year and will be intensified during the months of vacation in order to prevent the dispersal of pupils.





Thomas, 13 years old. He dreams to be a doctor. Thanks to your support, he will firstly improve his basic education.

Thomas Nonti is the third of five children. His father died in 2005 and his mother takes care of the family on the outskirts of Parakou, a difficult area where young crime is widespread. Thomas goes to school and is a candidate for CEP- the primary school certificate; he loves cycling and have fun with friends, but, above all, he loves studying, despite the difficulties he has to face. His dream is to become a doctor and to be called "doctor". To fulfill his desire Thomas knows he has to study hard, but he is not currently able to do it: he needs to be followed to strengthen his basic education. The evening after-school learning, thanks to the support of Harambee, will help him a lot.

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