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Sunday, 14 Feb 2016


Refugee Education Program in Sudan

Local partner:The Canossian foundation in Khartoum.
Duration:1 year

Background: The war in Darfur has caused hundreds of thousands to flee their homes and seek refuge in the outskirts of Sudan’s capital, Khartoum. The refugee camps at Jabarona are the most grossly over-crowded. The Obeid refugee camps have increased in resident population from 100,000 to 800,000 people as a result of the conflict. The areas selected have in common the lack of infrastructure for schools and inadequate medical attention. The grave lack of nutrition, sanitary conditions and education prove most challenging to the young.

Objective: To provide teacher training that focuses on reducing the high rates of malnutrition and illiteracy among children of all ethnic backgrounds—building bridges between Muslims and Christians in the area- thus improving the quality of life for all. This basic teacher enrichment program will give many young refugees between 2 and 13 years of age at least a fighting chance to improve their lives in spite of such serious social deprivations in early childhood

-300 Teachers who participate in the formation courses.
-100 Children of ages from 2-13 of mixed ethnicity from the refugee camps of Jabarona.
-120 Children of ages between 5 and 14 from diferent ethnicities from the Obeid.


Training courses for teachers and support to the education in five elementary schools in the refugee camp of Jabarona, Omdurman (Khartoum).

Promoted by: Canossiana foundation
Duration: 1 year
Harambee contribution: 45,000 euros

Due to the war in the Darfur area there is an uninterrupted flux of people escaping from the south of Sudan towards the refugee camps from the outskirts of Khartoum, characterised by a serious lack of infrastructure and low level of hygiene. The camp of Jabarona is one of the most crowded and physically cramped. Hundreds of thousands of people have found refuge thanks to the support of some religious congregations that remained in the Country and that continue to work with the diocese of Khatoum.

To increase and improve the primary education through the training of teachers and the updating of the teaching. The project, which will last for one year, expects to involve 43 teachers and to have an impact on the primary education of 1,330 children.


One-year Cooking Course-Baking classes for 40 students enrolled at the Professional Training School for girls "J. Bakhita"
Watch the photos of the project.

Local Entity:
FDCC - Canossian Daughters of Charity
Synthetic data of the project :
Contribution from Harambee : € 27,755.78 €
Contribution from the local organisation (Canossian Daughters of Charity) : € 13,382
Project Duration : 2003 – 2004

Main activities supported by Harambee:
– part of the contruction of the school building;
– contribution to student transport costs;
– teaching materials (IT room and sewing studio).

Description of the project :

To date, as many as 698 people have benefited from the project supported by Harambee2002 to equip and start up the activities of the J. Bakhita Training School for Girls, in El Obeid, Sudan. In the 2004-2005 school year, the following have attended courses at the J. Bakhita School:
Short Courses:
- 117 students participated in 7 Information Technology courses;
- 484 students participated in 6 English courses.

Two-Year Courses:
- 55 students in daily sewing classes (theory and practice in studios);
- 42 students in daily cookery and baking courses.

In addition to these two types of courses, there are also secretarial and accountancy courses. Participants in these two-year training courses receive an official diploma upon completion. Heartfelt thanks go to the Harambee2002 supporters from all those who have benefited from the project and their families.



Sudan. Multi-disciplinary Training Program- "Training the Sudanese Future".

Promoter: Canossian Foundation
Duration: 1 year
Cost: € 40,000

Investments in training programs and refresher courses in the Sudanese education/training system is an aspect that has always been ignored for many reasons, the prime one being lack of funds.
In the course of 2010, thanks to Harambee International’s support, short training courses were carried out that aimed at enhancing the quality of methods used and developing an approach that includes continuous training and the acquisition of new knowledge and skills. The response on behalf of the recipients was much more positive than expected, both in terms of the number of participants and the enthusiasm showed. For this reason several local partners are urgently requesting continuity in this initiative in order to consolidate the knowledge and ideas acquired in the people who participated.

The objective of the project is to increase and improve basic schooling and the living conditions of children from different ethnic groups that live in refugee camps and/or are in great need or poverty-stricken. The project will be carried out through a multi-disciplinary training program for teachers in Khartoum/Jabarona/El Obeid, by supporting educational activities in the refugee camps in Jabarona Omdurman (Khartoum), offering professional English courses for young people (in El Obeid and Jabarona), and supporting educational activities in Khartoum, Jabarona and El Obeid.

-200 teachers at the pre-school and elementary school in the Khartoum and Jabarona Dioceses;
-50 teachers at the pre-school in the El Obeid Diocese;
-80 teachers at the elementary school and high school in the El Obeid Diocese;
-100 children (5-13 years old) per year, residents in the Jabarona (Khartoum) refugee camps;
-1,080 youths in El Obeid.

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