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Thursday, 11 Feb 2016

Harambee Africa International is committed to distributing more detailed and more authentic information about Africa, information that goes beyond common stereotypes and highlights the hardships and even the success and positive experiences of many Africans who commit themselves daily to building a better society. Harambee is committed to teaching the world to view Africa as an opportunity and not as an inevitable catastrophe. With this purpose in mind, every year Harambee carries out events, forums, competitions and meetings in Europe and the United States. Several activities are specifically aimed at raising funds for the projects Harambee promotes in Africa.

"A Day in Africa": Schools Get to Know about Africa


"A Day in Africa" is an interactive course aimed at cultivating a culture of hospitality, friendliness and active citizenship among students. To this end, Harambee organizes a series of sessions aimed at primary and secondary school students.
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