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Strengthening local entities’ capabilities to offer professional training and labour market integration to people. By this aim, Harambee Africa International is launching the 2019 fundraising campaign in support of ten initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa. Five countries are involved: in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Harambee supports the Talitakoum centre in Kinshasa, which is committed to the recovery of young people from the streets through vocational training courses to get them into work; in Kinshasa, support continues for the Monkole Hospital to reduce the high rates of maternal and child mortality (“Forfait Maman” Project) and strengthens the Ceprosem centre which, for years, has been offering training to modern and sustainable agriculture to young farmers in order to combat migration flows. In the Lodja region, classrooms will be built for a primary school for children from disadvantaged families.

In Ivory Coast, Harambee supports the Walé Medical Centre in a programme to combat the transmission of HIV infection between mother and child in Yamoussoukro, accompanying 750 patients a year; while, in the province of Bingirville, 80 young women will be trained to start self-employment in tailoring, thanks to the rural school of Ilomba.

Particular attention to the promotion of women is also planned through a project promoted by the Archdiocese of Saurimo/Promaica, in the eastern region of Angola where Harambee expects to reach at least 120 women in 2019 and in Uganda, in the district of Masaka, where more than 400 micro-entrepreneurs will be trained in the agricultural sector.

Fifty-five public schools in Uganda and twenty-five public schools in Kenya will also be involved in a programme to improve teacher training, promoted by Strathmore Univeristy in Nairobi.

Ten projects aimed at the self-development of the people involved, with important repercussions for the local communities in which they are located. Initiatives promoted by bodies of consolidated experience, in Harambee the task of monitoring that every contribution is effectively invested.

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