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Rome, 06.03.2019. On 5 March, the South African doctor Ozó Ibeziako received the 2019 Award for the promotion and equality of African women in Madrid. The Award was established to offer recognition to African individuals or institutions who work effectively in the promotion of women. At its tenth edition, this year the winner is the South African doctor Ozó Ibeziako for the social project “Art of Living” of the South African NGO Komati Foundation.

Dr. Ibeziako, a family doctor and head of 15 primary care hospitals in Johannesburg, is volunteering at the Komati Foundation to help improve South African society in the areas of education, development, equality and social welfare.

In 2012, she launched the project “Art of Living” in the Alexandra district, to help young women to live with dignity and help them realize their dreams. “The great challenge, she says, is to take them to university and every year many succeed“.


Alexandra is one of the townships created during the apartheid policy in South Africa, when each ethnic group was assigned a barbed-wire surrounded territory in which they had to live.

Now there are no more physical fences and people can live wherever they want, but more than 3 million people still occupy these marginal settlements, in poverty and misery. With the help of Harambee we will be able to take Art of Living to other neighborhoods around Johannesburg to help many more women“.

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