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The Portuguese documentary about female entrepreneurship on the island of Prince is the winner of the 8th edition of the Harambee Audiovisual Competition. In the video-clip category, Davide Salvucci wins for his ability to interpret a dramatic event as an opportunity for hope.

The winner of the Harambee Prize, in the documentary category, is Isabel Silva Costa with “Jóias do Principe” by RTP AFRICA. The reportage effectively recounts the contribution of some female entrepreneurial initiatives to local development, highlighting the social sensitivity and attention to the environment of the women entrepreneurs involved.

For the video-clip category of young people, the winner is the Italian Davide Salvucci with “Buta, the jewel of Africa” which tells of a place of massacre, Buta (in Burundi), as a symbol of peace, an example of multiethnic and multicultural coexistence.

The jury wanted to give a special mention to the documentary: “La Loro Africa” by Marco Clementi and Enzo Nucci for RAI-TG1 for having given back to the Continent a more realistic image, recounting contexts of extreme difficulty, in Kenya, but also the great opportunities and growing successes in the areas of entrepreneurship, education, health.

The awards ceremony will take place in Lisbon on Wednesday 27 November 2019.

Link to the videos

Jóias do Príncipe” – Isabel Silva Costa (RTP África)

Buta” – Davide Salvucci (Italy)

La Loro Africa” – Marco Clemente, Enzo Nucci (RAI-TG1)