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Irene Kyamummi, Ugandan, is the winner of the H. 2020 Award for women who have distinguished themselves for their work in the promotion and equality of African women.The award ceremony will take place in Madrid on 5 March 2020.

Kyamummi (Kampala, 1983) studied medicine at the University of Makerere and then worked on projects in favour of low-income families, first in Kenya and then in Uganda. In particular, he has collaborated on initiatives in support of children suffering from tuberculosis, improving the living conditions of over 5,000 sick children.

With the Award, sponsored by the René Furterer Laboratories, Kyamummi will be able to contribute to the reduction of child mortality in the suburbs of Kampala, thanks to targeted health care and education programmes.

Education is essential to prevent and ensure a healthier life. This is why the CHP project will also involve schools and, through them, families“.

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