Home > News > Webinar: “Beyond Covid-19. The Climate Emergency and Africa’s Response”. 19 May 2020, 15:30h

The health, economic and social emergency linked to Covid-19 make the fragility of the man-planet balance even more evident. The spread of Covid-19 is also linked to the underestimation of the impact of human activities on the environment and global warming will not end with the end of this emergency.

On the occasion of World Africa Day (25 May) and on the fifth anniversary of Pope Francis’ Encyclical Laudato Sì (24 May) dedicated to the Care of Creation, Fundación Promoción Social and Harambee Africa International promote a reflection on the challenges and commitments to mitigate the impact of climate change in Africa, where seven of the ten countries most vulnerable to the climate emergency are located.

Sign up by sending an email to: comunicazione@harambee-africa.org and 15′ before the event, you will receive the link to log in.


Moderator: Massimo Zaurrini, Director Africa and Business / InfoAfrica

– “Climate change and food security in Africa” – World Food Programme, Giammichele De Maio, Chief -NGO Partnerships Unit

– “The contribution of electricity to sustainable, resilient and equitable development in Africa”  ENEL, Carlo Papa, Director Enel Foundation

-The role of education in the fight against climate change in Africa” – Strathmore University, Kenya, Izael Pereira Da Silva, Deputy Vice Chancellor – Research and Innovation

-“Environmental protection and socio-economic development in Africa: the challenge for NGOs” – Fundación Promoción Social, Gerard Poch, Head of Mission in Ethiopia

-“Laudato Sì, five years later” – Dicastery for Integral Human Development,
Fr. Joshtrom Isaac Kureethadam SDB, responsible for Ecology