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Overcoming people’s mistrust and convincing them to rely on the professional care offered by Monkole Hospital is one of the biggest daily challenges for the medical staff. Because in addition to the structural difficulties of a fragile healthcare system, there are the many cultural resistances that do not facilitate the management of Covid-19. “People’s reactions range from skepticism – it is a disease of the rich (for those who therefore have the opportunity to travel) – to denial (conspiracy theories) to fear of going to hospital because they do not consider them reliable”. This is why the cured patients are involved to launch repeated appeals to the population.

In almost two months in Monkole there have been 91 cases, but it is difficult to get a clear picture of the infections in the area. Spacing and closures here are impossible, as one has to go out and go to the market in order to eat; the tests are insufficient, as are the protective measures for medical and paramedical staff.

Monkole Hospital reacted immediately to the alarm by setting up a department entirely dedicated to coronavirus patients. Training sessions were organised for staff on disease prevention, identification and management in clinical and community settings.

But the difficulties are many: it is necessary to support the emergency measures put in place by the hospital with the provision of scarce equipment (gloves, masks, personal protective equipment, hygiene kits) and to contribute to the costs necessary for initiatives to raise awareness of good hygiene and behavioural practices to prevent the spread of the disease.

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