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“The Enugu State Government has established 2 isolation centers to manage infected patients. For now, private hospitals are not expected to treat patients of COVID-19, but rather to notify and contact the state authorities”.  To avoid contamination of their health care facilities, many hospitals reject every patient with symptoms related to COVID-19. “This has had serious effects on the care to be given to patients. It was essential to keep the hospital running while providing protection for patients and staff”.


Thanks also to the support received, the NFH is now working at full capacity, with adequate safety protocols. The staff have been equipped with personal protective equipment, but these remain very expensive, also due to the recent depreciation in the value of Naira. “It is difficult to maintain the safety standards, the help we receive is really essential to counter the spread of the Virus”.

The Hospital, in addition to providing advice, diagnosis and follow-up (in the areas of internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics, pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics) provides assistance to the most disadvantaged sections of the population through specific programs such as rural visits – which include vaccinations, tests to detect hypertension or diabetes and health education sessions – and free clinical services. The hospital is also equipped with clinical analysis laboratories and radiological equipment.

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