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In the current situation of health crisis, the socio-economic consequences are dire with a devastating impact on the most vulnerable. In this context, Harambee is launching a fundraising campaign for 2021 to support initiatives promoted by African organisations in four countries on the sub-Saharan continent. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, education and social and health support will be offered to 300 children in the marginalised area of Yangala, where the Kuiza Kuajima school, run by the Diocese of Luiza, is the only reference point for the community. In the same country, support continues to be given to the Monkole Hospital for the provision of health services to 250 particularly disadvantaged young women and their children.

The economic recession is worsening the level of malnutrition where food insecurity is already a problem, so a project will be launched in Mozambique to support family and youth entrepreneurship in the traditional agricultural sector, encouraging the development of innovative learning and training processes (in the Matambo community, Tete province) and, in Cameroon, training will be strengthened for parents’ associations running family agricultural schools (Fokamezo and Kolara regions) to develop income-generating activities and improve the functioning of agricultural colleges.

In Nigeria, the aim is to combat female unemployment by supporting, through a scholarship programme, vocational training institutes in the hospitality sector in the cities of Ibadan, Enugu and Lagos: girls who are trained easily find employment, securing a level of income that breaks the vicious circle of poverty and transforms their lives and those of their families.

Lastly, the Covid-19 emergency campaign is continuing to support partner hospitals that are particularly dedicated to assisting the most vulnerable sections of the population; in this second phase, equipment for carrying out tests and analyses will be allocated to the Niger F. Hospital in Enugu (Nigeria), the home healthcare offered by the Walé Health Centre in the Yamoussoukro area (Ivory Coast) will be strengthened and the training of aspiring nurses at the Institute of Nursing Sciences in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo) will be continued.

These projects are not particularly large in financial terms, but are always aimed at self-development and have a significant impact on local communities and people’s lives.

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