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The Yangala area, to which the Luiza territory belongs, is one of the most fragile within the Kasai region. Characterized by a serious humanitarian crisis, due to the consequences of the violent conflict of 2016 that caused the massacre of civilians, the destruction of infrastructure and the recruitment of children subjected to armed groups. Since then, school reintegration and improvement of children’s learning conditions have been a priority to return a better future to the communities.
For this reason, the Diocese of Luiza has asked Harambee for help in rehabilitating the Kuiz Kuajima school complex, destroyed during the conflict and the only reference center for the children of the surrounding villages.

Once rehabilitated, the school will be able to accommodate 300 children in extremely vulnerable conditions, ensuring education, nutrition and helping to build a less tense climate among communities: quality education is the basis for improving people’s lives.

Providing quality, equitable and inclusive education and learning opportunities for all” is Goal #4 of the U.N. 2030 Agenda.
Contribute to the achievement of this goal, support Harambee’s project for the children of Luiza.
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