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For every kilometer he runs, Pietro D’Arpa, Harambee manager and volunteer, asks his friends to make a donation to support the training of nurses in Kinshasa, DR Congo. The occasion is the Geneva Half Marathon in which he will participate on May 22. You can also bet on my performance: for example, you can donate Fr. 10.-/km if I finish with a time of more than two hours and double to Fr. 20.-/km if my final time is less than two hours” explains Pietro, excited to add a solidarity challenge to his run.


The initiative takes place within the activities of Harambee Switzerland and the concrete objective is to contribute to the support of 95 scholarships for aspiring nurses of the Institute of Nursing Sciences in Kinshasa, in a country where the contribution of professional health workers is even more valuable, given the great vulnerabilities.

Join Pietro’s challenge: make your donation!
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