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Mitigation and adaptation to the severe climate crisis affecting DR Congo’s southern region, Haut-Katanga, has begun. The area, bordering Zambia, is already highly vulnerable due to political and inter-ethnic clashes since 2017. Unusually high temperatures, droughts and increasingly heavy rainfall are also increasing the food insecurity of the largely farming population.

Thanks to the contributions collected (€26,405), it is possible to strengthen the action of CECFOR, the Congolese organisation that has been promoting development projects in the country since 1986.

The objective of the proposed action is to promote a transition to organic farming to improve the profitability of 50 farming families. The action will show the many local communities how they can effectively adapt their production systems to the climate changes that are now having a detrimental effect on their living conditions.

Clean energy irrigation systems will be installed on 5 hectares of orchards; a basic and experimental unit for compost and mulch production will be set up. Training sessions will be held for 40 women farmers to increase their level of production and strengthen their leadership and economic autonomy: these, in turn, will then act as trainers for the community of women in the villages in the area. In this way, it will be possible to contribute to the basic needs of the poorest section of the population, while involving the local authorities in the development of the area.

The project contributes to achieving Goal 13 of Agenda 2030 ‘Take urgent action to combat climate change and its consequences’.
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