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Association Santé Mentale et Développement Communautaire – Samedeco-Ruhuka

The project aims to contribute to the improvement of living conditions in the community of Mutimbuzi through the empowerment of women whose husbands are detained in the various prisons of the municipality. The living conditions are very precarious from a health and socio-economic point of view. The dramatic family situations have an impact especially on children who are frequently victims of psychological imbalances, delinquency, diseases.
Therefore, the project intends to support women and, concretely, to develop agricultural activities for the generation of income through the start-up of maize production, the installation of 2 mills, the realization of training sessions on agriculture and breeding. 100 goats will be purchased. In addition, literacy courses and post-trauma psychological accompaniment sessions for women and children will be implemented.

50 women

Harambee contribution: 18.000 €