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Local Entity : Centre puor la Promotion Sociale (CEPS)

Synthetic data of the project

  • Harambee contribution : € 39.514,60
  • Contribution from local entity : € 4.345,00
  • Project duration : 1 year

The project enabled the inhabitants of Nkolnda, Makandan I, II, and III, Minkam, and Odza to benefit from awareness-raising days and courses in primary health care and hygiene. Additionally, large groups of mothers and children have received basic training in the correct use of toothbrushes and the use of drinking-water in areas of water scarcity.

Description of the project

The project aimed to respond to the needs arising from the situation of the Centre for Health Orientation (Centre d’Orientation Sanitaire or COS), as the only health centre in an area suffering from widespread ignorance and taboos. In this context, there is also a constant need for health teachers. This provision enabled the inhabitants of the area around the COS – a population of around 2,000 people, with 45% aged under 20, living in the zones of Nkolnda, Mehandan I, II and III, Mindam and Odza – to receive basic health education to enable them to improve their quality of life, raise standards of personal and community hygiene, achieve a balanced diet, etc. in order to reduce the prevalence of infectious diseases caused by various deficiencies.