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  • Promoter: Envol Afrique
  • Recipients: 100 students between the ages of 8 and 15
  • Harambee Contribution: 10,000 Euros


Thanks to Harambee’s contribution, the project will continue to support the afterschool program created in 2012 by the “Envol Afrique” association. The afterschool program will give children from Nima (a suburban neighborhood in the city of Parakou) the opportunity to improve their scholastic progress, thus favoring the prevention of criminal activities. Harambee’s contribution will pay for teachers’ salaries, a new computer for teaching activities and text books for the library.





Hélène Orou Nikki, 13 years old, wants to become a doctor. Thanks to your help, she can improve her education.

Hélène, why do you attend evening classes?
Hélène: evening classes help me to better understand what the teachers are explaining at school. There are 58 students in my class and it’s not easy for our teacher to give any of us individual attention with so many students. There are also teachers that teach privately at homes, but only if you can afford it. Thanks to the evening classes I attended last year, I was able to move up to grade four. Fortunately today I can still benefit from this type of support and do well in class because of this opportunity to get a better understanding of the material and to have books and manuals available at no charge.
What do your parents think about the classes you attend?
Hélène: My mother is happy, especially about all the educational material made available to us. Even my father is happy about it because I was able to move up a grade and am now doing well at school! I am also learning how to use a computer, something my parents had to pay for my brother to learn.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Hélène: I want to become a doctor.