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Promoter: Strathmore University – SERT
Duration: 1 year
Cost: € 40,000

In Kenya, there are 6 million alumni from elementary schools while only 700,000 went on to middle school. This is quite a challenge, especially in the suburbs of urban areas where government funding is insufficient, teachers’ salaries are very low and poor infrastructures create serious consequences for health and hygiene. Nonetheless, schools represent an oasis in the midst of the degradation where most of the students grow up. More often than not, a teacher is the only reference point a student has. It is becoming an urgent need to start over, beginning with the teachers, whose motivation has drastically decreased in the last 20 years.

The project aims at improving the quality of teaching through training courses for teachers and administration in the elementary and middle schools, reinforcing a sense of responsibility and re-establishing their motivation.

-350 teachers from different school districts.