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  • Promoter: Strathmore Educational Trust
  • Recipients: 80 young people between 18 and 25 and two students
  • Harambee Contribution: 15,000 Euros


Harambee continues to support the new activities launched by the “Eastlands” project, an initiative set up by the “Strathmore Educational Trust” for the creation of a polytechnic institute that offers professional training in the East areas of Nairobi, which suffer great social marginalization. The project covers the some equipment costs and the construction of a classroom inside the new complex that will house the school and provide staff training.





Eric Wachira, 33 year old, has grown his business. Thanks to your support, many more companies will have the same chance.

Eric Wachira is a 33 year old business man from Eastleigh, Nairobi. He is married with 2 children. He runs a Public address and Events Organizing business.

After his Secondary schooling, Eric was lucky to get an admission in a college to study Computers. Later on he found some employment as a sound controller and master of ceremonies in an advertising company. This job, although not well paying, was the inspiration for his current employment.

“We used to travel to different places and make a lot of money for our employer but our salaries never changed” Eric recalls. This was a very discouraging aspect of his life especially because he believed that he was working really hard at his job. These issues led Eric to quit his job and start his own business that offers Public Address (PA) system and Events Organizing services. His business entails providing logistical support and offering public address systems, chairs and tents during functions like weddings, company meetings, parties etc.

Although Eric worked with a lot of passion, he was aware of his entrepreneurial weaknesses which were slowing down the business growth. Towards the end of July 2012, a friend of Eric who is a graduate of the Informal Sector Business Institute (ISBI) introduced him to the business classes of the Institute. These courses which are organized thanks to the partnership between Harambee Africa International and ISBI, give micro entrepreneurs basic skills on Accounting, Business Management, Marketing and Business Ethics and Communication.
“From these classes, I have learned how to keep my own business records and I can determine whether I am making profit or loss. I have even come to know some ethical issues that made me loose clients”. Remarks Eric. Eric has kept in touch since he finished the course and through the mentorship program of the Institute, he continues to visit the training Centre to discuss any arising challenges in his business.

Thanks to the training that he attended, Eric is now determined to make a difference in his family’s life. “My business is orderly and I am aiming at growing to great heights.” States a confident Eric.