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Local Entity :
“Diocese d’Antsirabe” – ECAR
Harambee contribution: 35,894.70 €
Duration: 1 year

Description of the project :
The objective of this project is to improve the educational services provided by the Diocese of Ramanarivo in Madagascar. It is a specialized high school for the young people in the Diocese. Only about 0.6% of the population of Madagascar is able to complete high school and many are unable to further their education at the university of Tananarive.

The High School wishes to fill this gap by starting a four- course programme of specialization for the most sought-after fields in Africa: communication, tourism, management and education. The course will last three years and will have a curriculum similar to that used in higher professional studies. The donations received for this project will go to setting up a library, a computer room and to purchasing materials and furniture for three new classrooms.