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Local Entity :

Ivoirienne Association for University and Career Formation.

Harambee contribution: 30,729.60 €

Duration: 1 year

Description of the project :

The project consists in the preparation of a Mobile Health Unit which will serve as the mainstay of an extended campaign for prevention and health information in the region of Yamoussoukro. The effort will be directed mainly to young primary school pupils.

The programme will involve the following activities:

  • Health education of young children;
  • Provision of an educational module on the principal notions of health and hygiene, together with practical sessions;
  • Health Education modules for instructors focusing on infant disease prevention so that the instructors themselves may organize prevention courses;
  • Health care through cure and prevention, together with medical visits for young children between the ages of 5 and 12 in hopes of prevention through the early discovery of diseases and eventual anomalies arising from the same. A prevention plan will be made for epidemics. Particular attention will be paid to skin diseases, periodically providing cure for the worst cases.