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Local partner:Strathmore University-SERT
Duration:1 year

Background: With over 6 million school-aged children and only 700.000 who reach secondary school, Kenya faces a difficult challenge. Above all in the outskirts of the urban areas, where poor teacher morale and lack of government funding for education is the most pronounced and contributes in no small way to poor student retention. Yet the next generation of Kenya’s leaders needs to be properly educated today. Yet Kenya’s teachers are poorly compensated and face crippling deficiencies in educational resources and lack even the most basic physical facilities for good health and hygiene. Nevertheless, the school is an oasis in the middle of all of the privations which the children live and grow up in daily. Teachers are, often, the only point of reference for the younger generations. To help teachers, whose motivation has diminished drastically in the last 20 years is constantly more urgent.

Objective: This program is to provide comprehensive training to primary and secondary school teachers and to Heads of School Departments in Kenya’s coastal region. It is designed to measurably improve teacher responsibility and morale, work habits, management and motivation. Due to increased interest in other successful Strathmore University Teacher Enhancement Programs, this year’s project will also begin developing didactic tools for more extensive and rapid reach throughout other regions of the Country.

350 teachers coming from the various school districts. Also they have started a pre-enrollment to the courses 9.000 directives of schools in all of the country and 1000 in the coastal zone. Given the growth in the petitions for entry into the courses, there will also be started a study for the planning of didactic activities.