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Promoter: Strathmore University Institute of Humanities, Education and Development Studies (IHEDS)
Harambee contribution: 45,000€

In Kenya 6 million children attend primary schools while only 700,000 students attend Secondary schools. For various reasons the morale of teachers has dropped drastically over the last 20 years. The consequences of that are being seen in schools. Few school managements put money back into resources. Buildings crumble, little maintenance is done. There are two major consequences to this. The level of hygiene is extremely low and the consequent illness and low immune system follows. In 2002/2003 the Institute of Humanities, Education and Development Studies at Strathmore University ran a series of short 3-day courses for teachers. The goal was to give the Kenyan teacher back his or her sense of identity as a contributor to the moral fibre of the nation. 660 teachers attended from all over the Republic and in evaluative follow up courses participants showed clearly that the first courses changed their management and teaching styles and they continue to impact very positively on their students and school communities
Harambee contribution in 2006 : 45,0000 euro.

Beneficiaries: 4,500 teachers and school managers over the next three years.