Home > Progetti > Training courses for teachers and support to the education in five elementary schools in the refugee camp of Jabarona, Omdurman (Khartoum).

Promoted by: Canossiana foundation
Duration: 1 year
Harambee contribution: 45,000 euros

Due to the war in the Darfur area there is an uninterrupted flux of people escaping from the south of Sudan towards the refugee camps from the outskirts of Khartoum, characterised by a serious lack of infrastructure and low level of hygiene. The camp of Jabarona is one of the most crowded and physically cramped. Hundreds of thousands of people have found refuge thanks to the support of some religious congregations that remained in the Country and that continue to work with the diocese of Khatoum.

To increase and improve the primary education through the training of teachers and the updating of the teaching. The project, which will last for one year, expects to involve 43 teachers and to have an impact on the primary education of 1,330 children.