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“China in Africa: Is that Colonialism?”
China is the Africa biggest partner. It buys more than one third of its oil production and over the past two years it lent to African countries more than the World Bank.
It is firstly an economic partnership, thanks to which African economies are anyway growing. But the Chinese presence in Africa has also brought another important contribution: it put the African continent at the centre of the International interest after many years of neglect.
International public opinion polls now against the advance of China in Africa and the question is: is this a new form of colonialism?


The attached document contains an article by Deborah BRAUTIGAM (Professor of International Development, School of International Service, American University, Washington DC) with some interesting insights and Raoul KIENGE-KIENGE INTUDI (professor at the University of Kinshasa,RD Congo)’s point of view on the article.


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