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The selection of candidates has just been finalized for the 7th Harambee “Communicating Africa” Prize for documentaries and video-clips about Africa. The jury has reviewed hundreds of applications from European and African countries.

The judges evaluated the submissions paying special attention to aspects such as respect for the dignity of the human person regardless of their condition; values of solidarity and reciprocal help; and the value of education (and training) as an indispensable means to achieve an integral promotion of the person as well as peaceful development.

For the 2017 edition, prizes were given for the Best Documentary, Best Video Clip and two special mentions. Here are the winners as well as why they were picked:
MADA UNDERGROUND by Denis Sneguirev and Philippe Chevallier, won Best Documentary, “for showing the strength, creativity and enthusiasm of young people who, despite their lack of resources, believe in a better future through art. The jury especially highlighted their attitude toward their local environment, which instead of being pitiful was full of optimism and hopefulness. ”
SAINT JEAN INSTITUTE – SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING IN CAMEROON by Nicholas Church, won best video-clip, “for having effectively shown, through the story of a school, the value of education as a factor of human and economic growth. The jury particularly appreciated the representation of a continent in movement and rich in human capital.
The judges also gave special mention to the following documentaries:
CHAU MAMA, I’M GOING TO AFRICA from Doctors with Africa CUAMM, “for the originality of the idea and the ability to describe the difficulties and dedication of young volunteers, while avoiding stereotypes. The jury liked the concept of volunteering with Africa instead of for Africa.”
VOLUNTEERS ON THE EQUATOR LINE by Ana Candeias, “for being able to show, using the story of a volunteer experience, the great difficulties of the people there, with a realistic and respectful attitude, avoiding both pietism and pitifulness.”

The awards ceremony will take place on November 17th at 7:00 PM in Toulouse, France.