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The word “Harambee” means working together to produce something useful. It is the most appropriate term for what Harambee Africa International has tried to accomplish in more than fifteen years, launching projects for the common good of the African population and sharing with others everything positive this complex continent has to offer. A good part of the near future is linked to the strength of Africa and the personal growth of its population and, for this reason, observation and reflection are required prior to taking action. This is where the Advisory Board comes in, an informal but prestigious board of prominent people who wish to:

  • contribute in debates about important issues regarding the development and innovation of Africa;
  • elaborate on, support and direct the issues and analyses in question;
  • work as a driving force to a process fostered by comparison and widely extended to whoever would like to add their own ideas or suggestions;
  • create a meeting place for Italian figures renown in social, economic, scientific and artistic fields.

The advisory board wishes to seek new strategies and new ways to express the culture of human development, to go beyond current paradigms.

Carlo Papa is the president of the Advisory Board.

The Members:

  • Stefano Marini Balestra
  • Paolo Bernardini
  • Federico Bissi
  • Cornelia Bonotto (coordinator)
  • Massimo Calcagno
  • Jaime Cárdenas
  • Fabrizio Gaudio
  • Vincenzo Lino
  • Federica Marchini
  • Giovanni Maria Mazzacani
  • Juan Carlos Mujika
  • Arc. Fortunatus Nwachukwu
  • Jorge Oliveira
  • Giorgio Spallone
  • Rita Zecchel
  • Dario Petrone