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Harambee Africa International Foundation was established in 2002 on the occasion of the canonization of Josemaría Escrivá founder of Opus Dei (http://www.opusdei.org/it-it/section/san-josemaria/). The headquarter is in Rome,

Harambee wishes to contribute to enhancing the potential of the different realities of Sub-Saharan Africa through two main lines of action:

1. Strengthen the capacity of local human resources, supporting African entities in the implementation of projects in the field of basic education, vocational training, academia and business;
2. To deepen knowledge about Africa in order to overcome stereotypes and contribute to a culture of coexistence and complementarity.

A too often short-sighted vision of Africa does not help us to grasp the great changes underway where, despite some extreme criticalities, we have the highest rates of expansion in the world.

A continent made up of more than fifty states, each with its own specific characteristics but where a middle class is rapidly consolidating and where the vigorous dynamism of young people (60% of them are young people under 35 years of age) is confronted on a daily basis with institutional, infrastructural and relative limits to inadequate technical skills in relation to the needs of the markets.

In Africa, Harambee supports, through private fundraising, local institutions that work with professionalism and experience to ensure personalized attention with the aim of transferring skills and, at the same time, to offer people the tools to take responsibility for themselves, the ability to make decisions and plan their future.

In Italy and in the countries where the various committees are present (France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland, United States), Harambee carries out different initiatives adapted to the different categories of reference, with particular attention to the awareness of the new generations. Meetings, conferences, competitions, photographic exhibitions and sports competitions are an opportunity to encourage reflection, deepening and mutual listening.

A stable and lasting development that involves everyone: this is not an unrealizable objective. Beyond international strategies and agendas, it is necessary to create a network of living and positive relationships within which to have the opportunity to know each other and to recognize each other as complementary.

Building relationships: this is the ultimate goal of Harambee and it is something that is not only useful and necessary but also deeply exciting.

If you want, as you can, you are also welcome!
Harambee Africa International