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Mrs BIBI is a widow and alone takes care of her son Minani and three other girls who have been entrusted to her, being orphans of parents. Minani, the oldest, studies in the first year of secondary school but the study is occasional because the boy has to contribute to the livelihood of the family.

Bibi is a Batwa, the ethnic group that represents 1% of the Hutu-majority population. The Batwa are a community still strongly discriminated against in a country torn by civil war (ended in 2005) and that remains one of the most backward and poor in the world. « I lost all my family during the conflict and what matters most to me now is that these children may have a different future ». Bibi works the land of his neighbours (a Hutu family) for a derisory wage.

With the Harambee project it is possible to help 100 batwa women who, like Bibi, wish to offer their children the opportunity to study. For them, study is the only way to build a better future.

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