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Rosalina is a young 17-year-old girl from Tete, Mozambique.

She lost both her parents and lived in an orphanage until the age of 11. Soon after she moved to Chitima, in a center where girls between 10 and 18 years are welcomed. In the center the girls receive human and professional training in order to be able to continue their studies (university or specialization) or to undertake an autonomous working activity. Girls often participate in the training of other girls by continuing their work in the Centre.

In Chitima Rosalina attended classes in pedagogy and human training, cooking and nutrition, family management and home economics, health and sports, hygiene, crafts…

Her story takes a difficult turn when, in a sad and unfortunately quite common circumstance in her country, she gets pregnant. Her human and ethical education allows her to decide to keep the baby and she moves to an aunt’s house to take care of her.

Rosalina uses her knowledge of cooking and home economics to take the family forward: she prepares sweets and typical dishes that she sells at the market or in schools for snacks and, responsibly, she puts aside her savings.

But, again, her life takes on a new aspect: “I was contacted by the head of Chitima to develop a project to start a kindergarten school in my area, so to allow other young mothers to continue their studies and ensure that children can also be introduced to learning and be welcomed, at low cost, in a safe and stimulating place”.

Because of this project Rosalina is now in Rome, where she is doing an internship at the FAES-Petranova school. Here she observes the structures and teaching materials, learns the teaching method and the activities carried out by the children of the nursery and kindergarten, collaborates with the secretariat to learn about the administrative management.

She is very excited about this experience and looks forward to returning to Mozambique to start her own small school, along with other educators. She was very impressed about the investment in education of such young children. “I’ve already seen the changes in my daughter in such a short time, I’ve seen how the stimuli have made her become more curious and attentive to reality”. Rosalina will soon return to her country and will have all the tools to realize her project!


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