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We at Harambee would like to be present, physically, Monday, September 10 in Arese, at the Holy Mass in suffrage of Bruno Zecchel, who died last August 2.Linda Corbi (Harambee international coordinator) will attend to embrace Bruno’s family in affection.

Harambee has lost a loyal friend, a generous benefactor, a far-sighted adviser.

If it is true that during a trip you know the person in depth, then we can certainly say that Bruno has always given his best.  Our trips to Africa are never easy trips but Bruno has always been accommodating, humble, without ever weighing down the man he actually was: a successful entrepreneur.

The great simplicity and transparency of his actions have always been for us an example and a stimulus.

Bruno was a benefactor who always believed deeply in our “Mission”. And this has been a value that, in turn, has strengthened his economic help. His visible enthusiasm, then, has stimulated all of us to move forward even in difficult times.

During our travels, we were also able to see his deep attachment to his family. He participated lovingly in his wife – who perfectly shared all his ideals but remained in Italy for health reasons – every moment of his travels and the projects he was involved in, even with visits on the spot.

His constant serenity now helps us to accept this moment: even if in another way, he will continue to be present! Thanks Bruno to you and your family.