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A group of volunteers working with Harambee Spain dedicated part of their holidays to setting up a work camp in the Kilifi region of Kenya, organizing workshops for mothers and children.During the stay, the following courses were held:
-Sewing and knitting workshop. The volunteers obtained 14 sewing machines, together with the material necessary to teach sewing to the women of the area to make the uniforms of their children and, above all, to learn a trade;
-Cooking workshop. Thanks to the courses, the women of the villages have been able to learn new possibilities to feed their families, expanding the knowledge very often limited to traditional practices handed down for generations.
-English Workshop. The volunteers have carried out a program that can be useful for women in their daily lives.
-Health and hygiene laboratory. The health group carried out consultations for the management of minor problems and lectured on hygiene and prevention.
All of them returned home with the certainty that they had received much more than they were able to offer! Work with Harambee too, find out how.