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Preparing our anniversary, Matthew and I were full of joy, of surprise for the goal achieved; full of gratitude to the Lord who “focused” on us and accompanied us in building our history together and also to our loved ones who have always supported us,” says Mirta. And in the name of joy and gratitude “we wanted others to feel that the Lord “focuses” on them and their future and we decided to offer our little support for their future”. Hence the choice of Harambee projects in support of many African families.
We shared the aims of Harambee, which seem to us to be high: to invest in that intangible and precious heritage that is the intelligence of Africa. And we chose the Tete project in Mozambique because we believe that (knowing African customs and traditions) helping women professionally means making them able to support themselves and their families. And to ensure that children can access education, to build a better future“.

We particularly thank Mirta and Matteo for their choice and for their trust in the work we do. Harambee is not an act of charity: it is rather a path and a relationship between people in which each one gives and each one receives and together we face a unique and common destiny!

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