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Rome. The report “The role of tertiary education in economic and social rise of the sub-Saharan Africa”, edited by Harambee was presented on Saturday 10 November at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.The increase in public and private investment in education has led to increasing literacy, more widespread schooling and higher university enrolment rates in recent years; and a more educated workforce is undoubtedly contributing to economic and social development in Sub-Saharan Africa.

This is what emerges from the study which aims to present updated data on the state of higher education in some sub-Saharan countries (Nigeria, DR Congo, Côte d’Ivoire and South Africa) and to analyse the relationship between higher education and employment.

Beyond the historical, social and economic specificities, and despite the progress achieved (with a considerably growing number of people considering education an absolute priority), the study highlights common problems and weaknesses whereby more than one in five Africans of working age remains unemployed.

The authors of the report also propose a reflection on the challenges to be faced so that the education system can meet the demands of a rapidly growing labour market: retraining of teachers, improvement of infrastructure, support for the granting of scholarships, study plans oriented to the needs of the labour market.

The study was presented in Rome at the annual meeting of the Harambee committees from the various countries, during which the results achieved in the closing year are reviewed and the priorities for the new year are established.

The meeting also provided an opportunity for an in-depth study of Africa with the participation of some experts (Carlo Papa, Director of the Enel Foundation, and Giovanni Mazzacani, economist) and hosted the second edition of the meeting of “Harambee Youth”: an exchange of experiences between young volunteers active for Harambee.