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Saturday, December 8th is scheduled in Rome a Christmas concert of the Soloists of the “Camerata di Roma” (Antonio Molfetta, Bartholomeu Wiese and David Eres Brun) dedicated to the Friends of Harambee. The concert will take place at 18.00 at the church of S. Girolamo della Carità, in Piazza S. Caterina della Rota, Rome.
The program of the concert is inspired by the Feast of the Immaculate. The first performance of the composition “De Immaculata et pauperes spiritu” is presented, a contemplative meditation on how humility and simplicity lead to joy. These three characteristics of the poor in spirit are present in many of the people with whom Harambee does his work and this composition wishes to remember them today.
The three soloists will present other works unpublished in Italy, such as the “Fantasia Catirina” by the Brazilian composer Marcus Ferrer, and a selection of solo sections of the concert for guitar and orchestra by Euler Gouvea, “Canudos”.
Following, music by Eres Brun linked to the Virgin Mary and pieces by Rodrigo, Giuliani and Jappelli. The first in honor of the Immaculate and in homage to Harambee will conclude the evening.