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As of today, anyone wishing to donate can contribute, together with Harambee, to ensuring better opportunities for many young people and families in Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria and DR Congo. The six projects selected by the Harambee Committees for 2023 are all promoted by experienced African organisations working in the field of education and training to facilitate access to work for the most fragile and thus better living conditions in particularly difficult contexts.

Three initiatives are to be promoted in Cameroon: in Mogong, in the Far North region of Cameroon, Action Monde Pour Tous proposes a training course for 100 young women to strengthen their entrepreneurial skills and support them in starting up income-generating activities; while in the villages of Kolara, Moulvoudaye and Guissia, CNEFAC, which promotes vocational training in agriculture, needs to teach girls to read and write so that they can then be trained for work in agriculture in an area where the literacy rate is 60%.

Also in Cameroon, but in the north-west, in the Bamenda area, the Ndichia Foundation wants to guarantee access to school for at least 100 orphaned children, through personalised mentoring, to take them off the streets. Ensuring the integration of street children is also the goal of Boystown-Ruai, in Nairobi, Kenya, guaranteeing health care and training for children between the ages of 7 and 17.

In South-Kivu East, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, AJEAK asbl is asking for support in setting up a computer laboratory for 300 pupils in three Don Bosco schools: ‘recently, the government implemented a programme of computer courses in primary schools, but has never been able to provide the necessary computers; the teachers, therefore, are limited to theoretical teaching only‘.

Finally, Harambee wishes to continue its support to the Niger Hospital in Enugu, Nigeria, enabling its doctors to tackle the problems of low vision and blindness that afflict mainly rural and marginalised areas where prevention and treatment are more difficult. The collection of contributions will provide care for 650 women and 550 men.

Harambee is responsible for monitoring the progress of the planned activities so as to ensure that each individual contribution is used according to its objectives.

More information on the individual projects can be found at this link  where you can send a contribution.

This is not charity, but an act of trust in a young and dynamic population that looks to the future with the desire to transform their dreams into aspirations and achievable goals: HELP US NOW!