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Thanks to the generosity of some supporters, it was possible to send a contribution of EUR  10,400 to the Walé Social-Medical Centre project in Ivory Coast. This centre, promoted by AIFUP and partner of Harambee for several years, is committed to offering quality medical care to a population that is extremely vulnerable due to economic and educational poverty.
Côte d’Ivoire faces numerous health problems caused mainly by food insecurity and a widespread lack of knowledge about prevention and health care. Furthermore, the expansion of the activities of the Walé Medico-Social Centre requires continuous training of medical personnel to cope with a critical health situation.

To meet these challenges, the Harambee-supported project intends to implement a training programme aimed at both health workers and the general public, focusing in particular on mothers, teachers, pupils and students. The concrete objectives of the project are as follows:
-Train and sensitise 50 women on health leadership in the community to enable them to play an active role in health promotion and disease prevention.
-Train 500 mothers on hygiene practices and child nutrition, providing them with the necessary knowledge to ensure the health of their children.
-Provide the necessary nutritional components for the mothers’ training, so that they can apply what they have learnt in practice.
-Strengthen the skills of 30 doctors and paramedics, providing them with advanced and up-to-date training to deal with complex medical challenges.
-Raising awareness among 500 students and 325 primary school pupils in the town of Yamoussoukro about the importance of hygiene practices and a healthy lifestyle.

The Walé Medico-Social Centre is increasingly an important reference point for those in need of quality medical care, but also a place where education and awareness-raising play a key role in the overall improvement of the community’s wellbeing.

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