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Rome, 12.12.23. Harambee Africa International Foundation presents its new Report tackling one of the most critical challenges to public health in Africa this year: the exodus of medical professionals. The presentation will take place via a webinar scheduled for Thursday, December 14, 2023, with the participation of Dr. Nneka Iloanusi, a doctor from Nigeria. The study provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of healthcare in Africa, highlighting, through alarming numerical data, the significant gap between the presence of doctors and nurses in Sub-Saharan Africa and the European Union.

The total deficit of 850,000 doctors in 20 African countries is a crisis that demands immediate and thoughtful action,” states Dr. Léon Tshilolo, one of the authors.

The causes of this legal emigration are analyzed, with particular attention to the Nigerian case, where the lack of infrastructure, adequate salaries, and decent working conditions are just some of the reasons fueling this exodus.
The impact on life expectancy, infant and maternal mortality, as well as healthcare spending and investments in the sector are examined, with clear consequences for non-African contexts. The Report also presents concrete proposals to address the issue, fostering dialogue and promoting African solutions.

The migration of medical personnel is not just a statistical phenomenon; it is an urgent call to action to ensure a better future for all Africans,” emphasizes the other author of the Report, Dr. Soile Olufunso Adetola.
The webinar will report the findings of the study and provide an opportunity to explore collective solutions.

Every year, Harambee publishes a study on current African issues, written by reputable African experts, to promote a balanced view of Africa and support African solutions to ongoing challenges.

To participate in the webinar: info@harambee-africa.org
Simultaneous translation will be available.