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In efforts to address the educational challenge in Liberia, where about half a million children are out of school and 21% of the child population does not complete primary education, Strathmore University (Kenya) is implementing an action-research program to bridge the gap of qualified teaching staff and educational resources. This joint effort between Harambee and the Kenyan University represents a significant step towards the goal of inclusive and quality training in Liberia, laying the groundwork for a future where every child has the opportunity to realize their educational potential.

The project is structured around three main pillars:

  • Teacher Pedagogical Training: 1,105 teachers will be trained in the pedagogy of teaching and learning, focusing on changes in practices and attitudes of teachers, over a period of three years.
  • Education Management: Forty-three school principals will be trained in education management modules to facilitate teaching and student success, also over three years.
  • Life Skills Integration: Over a period of three years, 18,440 students will receive training for their social and emotional development, thus strengthening their life skills and values.