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On March 20, Harambee Luxembourg organized a conference on “The Role and Place of Women in Decision-Making and Governance Mechanisms in Africa” to discuss the challenges and opportunities for female empowerment on the continent. The event featured participation from M.M. Marta, the ambassador of Cape Verde in Luxembourg, who highlighted the successes achieved and the strategies adopted to promote gender equality and female inclusion in leadership positions in the country.

Carelle Abo, Compliance Manager Consultant at ‘OZ Conseil’, delved into the role of economic empowerment and education as powerful tools to combat corruption and promote transparent and accountable governance. Violaine Dekponto, a coach and communication consultant, then offered her insight on the importance of education, networking, and mentorship in empowering African women to become transformative leaders in their fields.

In a global context where women are gradually gaining space in decision-making mechanisms, these conversations underscore the need for inclusive policies, targeted leadership training, and support for female participation at all levels of governance.