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On March 15, the Harambee Africa International Foundation organized a meeting with Prof. Luis G. Franceschi, Assistant Secretary General of the Commonwealth, and a group of representatives from African embassies in Italy. This event provided an interesting opportunity to explore the dynamics and challenges between Africa and the European context, leveraging the experience and expertise of Prof. Franceschi, who plays a crucial role in coordinating initiatives across various fields such as politics, democracy, public sector governance, rule of law, judicial transformation, human rights, and combating violence and extremism in the 56 Commonwealth member countries.

Prof. Franceschi, known for his innovative and positively disruptive approach during his tenure as the founding dean of Strathmore Law School, has highlighted significant issues through his consultancy work for national and international government agencies, including the United Nations and the World Bank, as well as through his numerous legal publications.

The meeting focused on pressing and vital topics for the future of relations between Africa and Europe, drawing on three main questions:

  1. The need to adapt the concept of democracy to the specifics of each context to ensure social and economic development, in a global landscape where democracy seems more an aspiration than a realized reality.
  2. How international collaborations, such as the “Mattei Plan” launched by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, can address complex governance and development needs to stimulate positive change without imposing a standardized model of democracy.
  3. Opportunities for educational exchange and capacity building between Italy and African nations, particularly in sectors critical for Africa’s development, valuing Prof. Franceschi’s commitment to education and professional training through the Commonwealth.

These topics provided a basis for deepening the dialogue on how to collaboratively and constructively address current and future challenges, emphasizing the importance of cooperation, mutual respect, and innovation as pillars for an equitable and sustainable partnership between Africa and Europe.