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Madrid hosted an event that recognized the commitment and dedication of an extraordinary woman in the field of promotion and equality of women in Africa. Susan Kinyua, a respected Kenyan economist and general project coordinator at the Kianda Foundation, received the “Harambee Prize 2024 for the Promotion and Equality of African Women”. This award, promoted by the Harambee Spain Committee, celebrates those who, like Kinyua, tirelessly work to improve living conditions and promote the empowerment of women in Africa.

A Life Dedicated to Female Empowerment

With a degree in Banking and Finance, Susan Kinyua spent twelve years in management and leadership roles at Barclays Bank. However, her passion for social improvement and gender equality led her to embrace the nonprofit sector, choosing to dedicate herself to the Kianda Foundation. This organization is a pioneer in Kenya, known for establishing the country’s first multiracial secretarial and hospitality training school. With over two decades of experience at the foundation, Kinyua has developed programs that have had a significant social impact, including the Fanikisha project.

The Fanikisha Project: Concrete Change for Women

The Fanikisha program, which means “great progress” in Swahili, has been a turning point for more than 4,500 women in 90 villages and urban suburbs in Kenya. Focusing on entrepreneurial skills, the program has helped over 60% of participants to double their incomes within six months of joining. Kinyua has integrated a holistic approach into this project, which also includes the mental health of the participants, demonstrating a deep understanding of the complex challenges faced by African women.

A Well-deserved Recognition

The “Harambee Prize 2024 for the Promotion and Equality of African Women” was awarded to Susan Kinyua by prominent figures, including H.R.H. Teresa de Borbón dos Sicilias and Mr. Nicolás Zombré, with the closing ceremony presided over by the Mayor of Madrid, Mr. José Luis Martínez-Almeida. The event also featured a speech by Alberto Ribera, Associate Fellow of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, who highlighted the importance of investing in education as a key to Africa’s future.

Beyond the Prize: A Bright Future

Susan Kinyua, with her dedication and work, has not only gained international recognition but has also inspired many other women to follow their passions and fight for equality. The award received is not only a tribute to her past commitment but also an investment in the future of the Fanikisha program and the lives of the women it will touch.

With this award, Harambee not only recognizes the extraordinary impact of Susan Kinyua but also sends a powerful message about the importance of supporting education and female empowerment as pillars for the development of more just and equitable societies. Susan Kinyua and her work represent a beacon of hope for many women in Africa, showing that with commitment, dedication, and the right support, change is possible.

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