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This is the journey that Harambee makes every year to know and evaluate the projects set up in Africa. A trip open to all Harambee volunteers who want to see what is being done in Africa and what can be done.

This year we have visited Ivory Coast, a wonderful country that is trying to alleviate, at a dizzying pace, the terrible effects of more than six years of civil war. It is currently growing to 8%, the highest growth rate in Africa. Roads are being built, public buildings, schools and universities destroyed are being restored and an incipient middle class is emerging. However, a large part of the population still lives in miserable conditions, thousands of girls are still out of school, hundreds of children are dying of malnutrition and most women are unable to read or write.

We have experienced a hellish heat and known incredible stories of extraordinary people to whom a contribution, a project, or even just a little help, have changed their lives, making our slogan a reality: “With your help you can change the life of a person, a family, a community”.

On this occasion, volunteers from different countries were encouraged to live their own African experience. Special thanks to our African counterparts who, despite their intense daily work, have accompanied us with care and affection, allowing us to get to know a multitude of initiatives in a few days.

As every year, a short report will be soon available to relive the moments together.

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