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Harambee Africa International Onlus representatives often visit countries in sub-Saharan Africa to assess the results of our current funding and evaluate the potential for worthwhile new projects. As proof of our determination to earn and keep the trust of our donors, Harambee opens these trips to volunteers and previous donors who have invested in our educational mission.

Our Travel with Purpose Program also serves as an invitation for potential benefactors to COME AND SEE the impact every Harambee Africa International Onlus € has already made in Africa. In an age when the need for systemic change is ever more urgent and every philanthropic dollar must be spent most wisely, Harambee Africa International Onlus believes that transparency is essential.

Before making a major investment in a Continent, smart philanthropists consider what return on investment they might expect. Harambee Africa International Onlus is so sure of its ability to be good stewards in helping Africans help themselves, we welcome the opportunity to prove it to potential donors in advance of major contributions.