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Boystown-Ruai, 25 km from central Nairobi, is a ‘home’ where vulnerable children can build their future, sharing a loving and caring environment. ‘Knowledge is Power’ is the motto at the entrance of the centre, which was established in 1994 to offer holistic education, educating and rehabilitating street children in a Christian environment that fosters the wholeness of the person and nurtures physical, emotional and social development.

According to Unicef, there are more than 150,000 children wandering the streets of Nairobi due to extreme poverty, in a country that is one of the most developed in Africa but which remains plagued by deep social inequalities.

Most of the children and young people we host come from the slums of Kibera, Korogocho, Gandora Soweto or Kayoley, they are orphans or with broken families that are unable to take care of them”. Many arrive driven by hunger or basic needs, “but then they find closeness and understanding and this convinces them to stay”.

Boystown-Ruai offers them shelter and the chance to study: for the youngest there is schooling available; for secondary education, the centre provides scholarships so that they can attend local colleges.

Thanks to Harambee’s support, it will be possible to contribute to the purchase of teaching materials, to carry out refresher courses for teachers and in team building in particular, “to ensure that the children develop a loving, caring and sharing character“. Extra-curricular activities and sports can also be carried out “because we want to cultivate their natural talents“.

Recently, the centre has become increasingly active in the quest for its sustainability, committing part of the resources it receives to food self-sufficiency and the sale of surplus food to other schools and the surrounding population, helping young people in the field of self-care and the creation of small businesses. All the more reason why it is worth accompanying them.

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