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Dear friends, also this year it is a real pleasure for us to share some of the most significant results achieved, thanks to your contribution in different ways. We are writing these short lines of introduction to the 2019 Report at a very complicated time of the year for everyone: the emergency of Covid-19. The pandemic that in a few months is affecting almost every nation, without distinction of race, economic condition, geographical location. This suspended time is of suffering for all and of great concern for the consequences that will condition the life of each one. The forced distance, however, makes us feel with greater intensity our being all globally interconnected: we cannot exist independently of others and what concerns one (a people, a country) ends up affecting everyone.

And so it is precisely from this evidence that we rediscover ourselves capable of living in communion and in solidarity with one another. The care of the other allows us to know and recognize each other as complementary and choosing solidarity becomes not only necessary but also an opportunity to build relationships that we cannot do without.

We would therefore like to reiterate our heartfelt thanks to all of you who follow us and support us, participating with joy in the effort for a better world for all.

The following pages summarize the results achieved in the projects launched or concluded during the year under consideration: initiatives that aim to accompany, for a stretch of road, African entities that work for the social and economic promotion of the communities in which they are inserted.

Limited budgets, the result of private contributions, which invested in training are capable of generating substantial and lasting improvements in people’s lives.
The Report also gives an account of the main initiatives promoted by the Harambee committees around the world in order to contribute to more accurate information on Africa.

Read the Report here (Italian version)