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It is precisely in a time of greater vulnerability that macro and micro resilience processes are set in motion to resist and react to the crisis, transforming it, if possible, into opportunities for growth. And this is the theme on which we wanted to focus our attention. We wanted to encourage a reflection that allows us to understand the difficulties but also the opportunities related to the Covid-19 crisis. We were helped by: Martin Drakard (Kenya), Raoul Kienge-Kienge Intudi (RD Congo), Sharon Osemblo (Kenya), Gabriel Dinda (Kenya), Ahouré Alban (Ivory Coast).

Will this pandemic shape the future of Africa? And how? Will African governments be able to deal effectively with the global health crisis and its economic and social effects? What are the opportunities that could emerge in the near future? In which areas? These are some of the questions asked.

This is a brief collection that we would like to offer below to our friends and supporters and which we believe can offer a number of food for thought on issues that, today more than ever, are not too far away. Enjoy reading it!

Download here the collection of articles: Covid-19. The Resilience in Sub-Saharan Africa