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The second phase of the Emergency Campaign responds to the latest needs that have emerged and the challenges faced by hospitals in a context of severe social and economic crisis. In particular, the aim is to ensure continuity in the training of aspiring nurses in Kinshasa; to provide equipment for tests and analyses at the Niger F. Hospital in Enugu and to strengthen home healthcare in the Yamoussoukro area. Below is an update.

In Nigeria= €9,000 = purchase of equipment for analysis and testing
-Funds transferred as at 28.03.21
9.000 €

 2 diagnostic equipment purchased

In Ivory Coast= 15,000 € = home health care
-Funds transferred as at 28.03.21
4.000 €

 Purchased a car for the Walé Medical Centre to allow medical assistance in the villages

Doctors regularly visit the rural communities, providing antiretroviral drugs, milk and nutritional supplements, carrying out tests and checks; hygiene and health training sessions are also held for mothers, because prevention is a fundamental aspect: ignorance about hygiene and nutrition has a very strong impact on the health of the population”.

In DR Congo = €5,000 support for the training of aspiring nurses for 4 years.
-Funds transferred as at 28.03.21
0 €

 “We wish to make a fundamental and tangible contribution to the well-being of the Congolese population, who often live in conditions of obvious drama and despair”.

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