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Harambee’s initiative aimed at students who, through their daily study, actively participate in a path of awareness and solidarity continues with success. New study rooms have been activated in Milan, Genoa, Verona and Bologna where, during a set period of time, students offer their study hours. For each hour, an involved sponsor will donate 1 euro to Harambee’s projects.

It’s never easy to motivate a group of young people to study, especially after an intense morning at school and they all get together for an afternoon of activities,” say the Deneb club in Bologna. “When we heard about Harambee’s Studio Solidale project, it seemed perfect for this purpose: we could stimulate the young people to study and be generous at the same time. We could stimulate the children to study and be generous at the same time. We could also help them to be more aware of the great fortune they have every day and which they do not realise, and which they may even experience as a burden: school”.

Each group chooses the cooperation project to which they want to devote their study hours, based on the initiatives that Harambee supports in Sub-Saharan Africa.
We are very grateful for the opportunity to help others and ourselves and we will do our best” say the students of the Delta Club of Milan.

It is possible to participate in the project in different ways: promoting a new study room, participating in ongoing initiatives, sponsoring study hours or even spreading the initiative in one’s own environment.

More information is available at this link. Contact us and participate, we are waiting for you!